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Length: 50m
Passengers: 36
6 expedition vessels
1 air-conditioned Eurocopter



Explore the magnificent Kimberley coast on either a 7 night, 10 night or 13 night voyage of discovery.

  • Southern Safari
  • West Coast Explorer
  • Kimberley Wilderness Cruise
  • Coral Atoll Cruise
  • Adventure Cruises in West Papua
  • Adventure Cruises in Papau New Guinea
  • Sydney Rocks

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North Star Cruises Australia offers adventure-cruises all around the magnificent Australian coastline and, in the stunning waters of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Your taste for adventure and our carefully crafted sailing schedule will ensure every destination is at its stunning best! Regardless of whether you are witnessing breathtaking majesty in the Kimberley, being humbled by the overwhelming hospitality of the South Pacific or, kicking up your heels in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, you will be in the right place at the right time!

The True North is purpose built to sail deep into the very heart of wilderness - we visit areas that larger ships simply cannot access. Our itineraries specifically exclude lengthy periods at sea and feature frequent daily excursions and, an Australian crew that will uniquely chaperone your holiday experience.

We deploy comfortable expedition boats (not rubber boats) and discover wilderness in small groups. And to add yet another dimension to adventure, most cruise options feature an onboard helicopter.

Beware of imitations and discover for yourself why our eminently qualified guests consistently remark "that's the best holiday I have ever had!"

North Star Cruises Australia

The True North

Unequalled Style

The True North allows discerning adventurers to experience wilderness in surroundings more akin to one of the world's most exclusive hotels! Guests are able to take advantage of several lavish vantage points including a sundeck, a forward observation lounge, a ship's lounge, an alfresco bar and a sports deck. The ship's naturalist presents interpretative information on plasma screens and, an internet cafe enables convenient communication with the outside world. A popular venue on any True North cruise, the lower deck dining room offers the ultimate in comfort and uninterrupted vistas - large panoramic windows ensure that guests never miss any of the action, even when they are enjoying the ship's renowned fare.

All cabins feature stylish decor, en-suite facilities, in-cabin entertainment and satellite telephones. The Explorer and River Class staterooms offer king size beds that can be converted to singles whilst the Ocean Class twins feature roomy singles.

Why you should cruise with North Star Cruises

North Star Cruises conducts adventure-cruises all-around the magnificent Australian coastline and in the stunning waters of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

  • North Star Cruises Australia is the winner of numerous awards for excellence.
  • North Star Cruises Australia is an undisputed market leader and offers activity based itineraries especially designed for the most discerning adventurer.
  • North Star Cruises Australia consistently operates with impeccable customer satisfaction rates.
  • North Star Cruises Australia pioneered adventure-cruising along the Kimberley coast more than 25 years previous. Others cannot equal our experience and knowledge!
  • The TRUE NORTH is an Australian registered ship and is not required to exit territorial waters during Australian voyages - every day on-board the TRUE NORTH is an activity day!
  • The TRUE NORTH is the ONLY adventure-cruise ship in the southern hemisphere that travels with an on-board helicopter - an air conditioned Eurocopter.
  • The TRUE NORTH features enhanced levels of comfort throughout - “allowing guests opportunity to experience wilderness in surroundings more akin to one of the world's most exclusive hotels!
  • The TRUE NORTH features several lavish vantage points including a sundeck,an observation lounge, a ship's lounge, an alfresco bar and a sports deck.
  • All cabins feature en-suites, in-cabin entertainment and private satellite telephones.
  • An internet cafe enables guests to maintain contact with the corporate world.
  • The TRUE NORTH is purpose built for accessing shallow coastal environs and river systems - bigger ships cannot go where we go!
  • The TRUE NORTH features computer controlled motion stabilizers.
  • The TRUE NORTH is fully licensed for fishing activities.
  • The TRUE NORTH is revered for its on-board dining.
  • Legendary and authentic service - the TRUE NORTH welcomes just 36 guests and, an AUSTRALIAN crew uniquely chaperones your every experience ensuring our renowned reputation for attention to detail.
  • Avoid the crowds - we carry 6 dedicated expedition boats (not rubber boats) that provide guests with opportunity to experience wilderness in comfort and, in small groups. We can also make greater provision for guests to do - what they want, when they want'!
  • Experience the destination - our cruises are activity-based and extended periods at sea are specifically avoided. Daily activities include scenic walks, helicopter flights, culture, fishing, snorkelling, picnics, diving, exploring, nature and much, much more!
  • A ship's naturalist presents entertaining interpretative sessions.
  • Make sure your next holiday is - "the best holiday you have ever had!"

  * on-board helicopter

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